The Makers

Passion and love comprise the core of AYAEO. Naturally, it was quite exciting when we found a US-based manufacturer with shared values who also met our small batch needs. We are proud of our brand and the people we choose to work with.

Below are a few of the awesome reasons we partnered with our manufacturer:

At the heart of AYAEO lives women’s empowerment. The same goes for our manufacturer — a female-founded company dedicated to lifting women up. All of our kaftans have been cut and sewn by a predominantly female team who are paid a competitive wage for their invaluable work.

Happiness Oriented.
Health and happiness are a priority for AYAEO. Our production team works fair hours in immaculate conditions with paid holidays and time off.

Sustainability Centered.
Caring for our planet is of great importance to us. Our manufacturer uses environmentally sustainable production practices and prides itself in crafting quality garments made to last a lifetime. We are not fast fashion.

USA Based.
Our kaftans are created closed to home. From development to cut and sew - all production takes place in the USA.